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Via Healthcare Consulting offers consulting services to hospitals and health systems in the areas of Board Education and Development, Governance Assessment, and Community Health Needs Assessment. We also work with clients to develop customized Board Self-Assessments, Board Education Plans, and Community Health Needs Assessments. We design and deliver outstanding Board Retreats to fit every size group and need.  We focus on hospital and health system boards and we bring over two decades of experience to our work so you know you’re getting the very best.

The hospital’s shifting business model, industry mergers and affiliations, imperatives toward greater physician alignment, an increased focus on quality, and changing community benefit requirements are just a few of the industry trends about which boards need to understand and be prepared to make informed policy decisions. We can help you educate the board about these issues so they can better work with physicians, support administration, and understand the unique and important governance role (not management role) they have to play in the organization’s success.

Building a Team with Our Clients

Working collaboratively with the CEO, board chair, or designated project lead, we generate an accurate understanding of the current situation and decide on an effective action plan based upon best-practice standards. We then support you in working through a clear, inclusive process for implementing these decisions. We can do this for specific governance issues (e.g. developing a Board Education Plan) and/or for a broader governance/community benefit assessment.

Selected Services

Not an exhaustive list. Customized consulting engagements are our specialty, just ask us!

Board Retreats

Research shows that hospital Boards engaging in frequent dialogue are more likely to have high-performing organizations.  An annual retreat is the ideal setting for kick-starting this dialogue. Read More

Keynote Speeches and Educational Presentations

If you’re looking to bring in an engaging, informative, and up-to-the-minute keynote, session, or conference speaker, Karma Bass, Erica Osborne, and other Via Healthcare Consulting strategic partners are available to kick off your event, provide just-in-time education on key topics, or present and facilitate discussion of best practices on difficult topics.

Board Self-Assessment

Joint Commission standards and governance best practices require that hospital and system boards conduct a regular board self-assessment to ensure the highest performance governance system and process.  However, many boards conduct this important exercise infrequently if at all or, when they do, fail to take the essential step of developing follow-up action plans. Read More

Board and Governance Review

In this era of fast-changing industry and governance best practices, high-performing boards are choosing to undertake a governance review. Using Via Healthcare Consulting, your board can look at its performance from an objective perspective – going beyond the typical ‘self-assessment’. Read More

Board Education Planning

In this fast-paced era of shifting and increasing Board responsibilities and limited time for education, smart Boards are developing targeted education plans to keep the trustees up-to-date and informed on key issues and topics.  At Via Healthcare Consulting, we can work with you and your Board to develop… Read More


“Karma Bass delivers excellent board retreats.  She conducted an outstanding 1 ½ day retreat that my board held jointly with four other hospital boards and it was one of the best we’ve ever had.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and her style is highly engaging. We will definitely use her again for a future session.”
J. William Paugh, President & CEO, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC
“Karma took our board of disparate professional experiences and points of view along with a new CEO and helped us recognize our internal personal and functional dynamics. With her adept approaches utilizing a thought-provoking online survey (with year-over-year comparisons) have improved our performance as a group as well as our governance with the CEO.”
Bill Boerum, Chairman, Sonoma Valley Health Care District, CA
“Karma and Erica did an excellent job of managing the dynamics of our meeting. They let us run when they sensed it was time to do so – sometimes in our own direction – but also skillfully and sensitively brought us back to focus on the issue and mission… They clearly listened and captured the essence of the direction in which we were heading, and very effectively fed that back to us for affirmation.  The Action Plan was brilliant. We left with a plan and a collective agreement as to a direction. They provided us with a compass.”
Comments from a satisfied board member from a district hospital

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