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For over 10 years, Via Healthcare Consulting has helped healthcare organizations reimagine, reorganize, and reach their vision for the future. Our focus is healthcare governance and board consulting and strategy development. ViaHCC partners with healthcare executives and governing boards to help strengthen leadership and governance to better advance the healthcare mission. Our mission is to guide healthcare leaders in achieving genuine organizational transformation that will enable those in their communities to live physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lives.




Governance & Board Consulting

Gain access to customized strategy designed to prime your healthcare board to conquer challenges, propelling your organization to new levels of sustainable resilience.

Executive Leadership Development

Harness the power of purposeful leadership for a journey that transcends boundaries and unlocks the full potential of your healthcare organization!

Speaking Engagements & Keynote Presentations

Boost engagement, captivate minds, and transform your understanding with presentations that go beyond the ordinary.

Strategic Planning

Experience collaborative excellence as we engage healthcare executives and board leadership, meticulously crafting a strategic plan uniquely aligned with your organization's vision.

Build Resilient Organizations

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Our team has over 130 years of combined experience in governance consulting in the the healthcare industry. We’re here to help your organization be the best version of itself.


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