Education & Training for Healthcare Leaders

Via provides relevant and timely education on the topics you need to know in order to govern in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. These services help to ensure the board is educated and oriented to its proper role and responsibilities.

Via can support your education and training needs through these services:

  • Educational Webinars
  • Education Sessions/Workshops
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Coaching
  • Editorial Agenda
  • Policy Research and Position Papers for Hospital Associations
  • Vast Library of Resources

With the growing complexity of health care and increasing demands on their boards’ time and expertise, healthcare leaders rely on the AHA to help ensure their trustees are receiving timely education.

We, in turn, collaborate with experts like the team at Via to help supply educational materials to our members on the issues and topics that matter today.”

Sue Ellen Wagner, Vice President,
Trustee Engagement and Strategy, American Hospital Association

Learn how we can enhance your board’s education.

Work with an experienced team to move your healthcare organization forward.

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