Five questions board leaders should be asking themselves in 2016

With the New Year upon us, leaders worldwide are taking stock of the changes necessary to position themselves and their organizations to succeed in 2016 and beyond.

Boards of directors, executives and physicians at healthcare organizations nationwide must address the following five key issues in 2016, and ask potentially difficult questions of themselves:

1. How can we master population health? If the board is not using a population health framework in its decision-making, there will be cognitive dissonance (or worse) between management’s recommendations and the board’s priorities. Savvy leaders are shifting boardroom discussions by talking about what population health means in their markets and how financial incentives are changing what their organizations must deliver to receive payment.

Clarifying questions boards should ask of themselves:
• Do we understand our community’s health status and needs?
• Definitions abound and vary greatly. What does “population health” mean to our organization?
• Are we focused too singularly on inpatient quality performance metrics when a large portion of our business is outpatient?
• How much of our revenue is risk-based or outcomes-dependent rather than traditional fee-for-service?

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