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For over 25 years, Via Healthcare Consulting has helped healthcare organizations reimagine, reorganize, and reach their vision for the future. Our focus is healthcare governance, board consulting and strategy development. ViaHCC partners with healthcare executives and governing boards to strengthen leadership and governance to better advance the healthcare mission. Our mission is to guide healthcare leaders in achieving genuine organizational transformation that will enable those in their communities to live physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lives.

facilitate organizational transformation with expert healthcare consulting services.

How We Help You Achieve Organizational Transformation

Guiding Your Evolution with Expertise and Insight


Governance and Board Services

Unlock the power of effective healthcare governance with Via Healthcare Consulting. In the ever-changing landscape, your leadership needs to navigate today’s challenges while strategically planning for tomorrow. ViaHCC employs cutting-edge solutions, partnering with healthcare executives and governing boards to enhance governance effectiveness. From strategic planning to board self-assessments, our expertise ensures your organization is not just prepared but thriving in the face of an evolving healthcare industry. Experience the future of healthcare governance with ViaHCC’s transformative governance and board services.

Explore our Governance and Board Services


Uncover strengths, identify opportunities, and enhance the effectiveness of your boards for lasting success.


Unlock the full potential of your leaders with thoughtful, robust discussion, expertly facilitated by the ViaHCC team.

Outsourced Board Management​

Our healthcare board governance outsourcing liberates your time and also infuses rigor and intentionality into every facet of board operations management.

Comprehensive Governance Redesign

Transforming Structures for Success

In the complex realm of healthcare governance, Via Healthcare Consulting emerges as the catalyst for transformative change. Our meticulously crafted and executed services stand as the bedrock of effective leadership. From our in-depth governance consulting unraveling organizational structures, to bespoke board member orientation and influential board coaching, we empower leaders with knowledge and expertise. Our unwavering focus on governance effectiveness, coupled with the refinement and enhancement of governance processes and structures, ensure optimization across every facet of your governance work. Board committee structures are honed for strategic impact, while our proficiency in meeting effectiveness and facilitation guarantees powerful interactions. We cultivate collaborative environments through hospital-physician alignment and elevate district and public hospital governance effectiveness. Embracing continuous learning, our board education plans keep leaders at the forefront in this ever-evolving landscape.

Explore services that promise organizational transformation and embrace a new era of healthcare leadership resilience:

  • Governance Consulting
  • Governance Review and Assessment
  • Board Member Orientation
  • Board Coaching
  • Governance Effectiveness
  • Governance Redesign and Enhancement
  • Board Committee Structure
  • Board Education
  • Meeting Effectiveness and Facilitation
  • Hospital-Physician Alignment
  • District and Public Hospital
    Governance Effectiveness
  • Board Education Plan

Let’s craft an exceptional governance story, where trust, openness, and transformative growth converge.

Visionary Roadmaps: Crafting Strategic Plans for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

Strategic Plan Development

Precision in Adaptable Pathways to Success

The evolutionary changes in health care over the past several years have demanded a “not-your-usual” approach to strategic plan development. Traditional strategic planning in healthcare has been static, resulting in a plan that is often out-of-date not long after it’s finalized. Astute healthcare executives know that a strategic plan framework should have its eye on the far horizon, but also be adaptable to tomorrow’s challenges. Via Healthcare consultants provide the insights and structure to formulate a strategic plan designed to advance the short and long-term goals of your organization.

Unveil the blueprint for the next generation of health care: Click here to explore our Strategic Planning expertise, crafted for healthcare executives ready to embrace transformation.

Healthcare board members reviewing governance practices to better understand efficacy in their healthcare system.

Strategic Consulting

Tailored Guidance for Informed Decision-Making That Leads to Organizational Transformation

In an environment that seems to grow more volatile every year—and key trends in healthcare point to continued disruption—developing effective healthcare strategy might seem like an exercise in futility. But confronting healthcare industry challenges demands careful risk assessment of the external environment while recognizing your organization’s strengths and opportunities and knowing how to successfully leverage them. Via Healthcare consultants work with healthcare executives to pinpoint the pain points and develop the processes for successful strategy development.

Organizational Transformation Starts at the Top

Cultivating Visionary Leaders:
CEO + Executive Leader Development

Organizational transformation is powered by effective leadership. But effective leadership does not just happen. It requires planning for and developing leaders who can cultivate relationships and create the structures that lead to high trust, high-performing teams. ViaHCC’s executive coaching experts partner with CEOs and their leadership teams to identify the challenges that impede communication and collaboration and hone the skills necessary to excel at leading successful organizations. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • CEO Performance Evaluation
  • CEO Succession Planning and Recruitment
  • Executive Coaching

Explore executive leadership development support.

Inspirational Insights: Thoughtful Presentations by Engaging Experts

Speaking Engagements + Keynote Presentations that Inspire Organizational Transformation

Via Healthcare Consulting’s nationally-recognized team of governance and leadership experts speak regularly at national and state conferences, symposiums, and summits. ViaHCC can also provide healthcare keynote speakers who can deliver a high-energy kickoff for your event. Drawing on 25 years of experience working with healthcare executives and boards from across the country, ViaHCC consultants deliver engaging and interactive speaking engagements and webinars that leave participants tooled with the know-how to more effectively lead or govern their organizations. Contact us today to access expert assistance in sharing valuable insights with your professional community:

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Webinar Presentations
  • Private Speaking Engagements
  • White Papers

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