Noreen Cervantes

Associate Project Manager

Areas of Speciality: Effective communication, organization, multitasking, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence


Bachelors in Broadcast Media and Communication

San Francisco State University


Noreen Cervantes has over 16 years of experience in management and leadership with expertise in scheduling and correspondence, event planning, training, and coaching. She specializes in effective communication, planning, and execution. Noreen is task driven and enthusiastic and understands the importance of effective client-to-partner relations. She has provided high level support to C-suite level business executives and government officials while maintaining professionalism and discretion. Noreen has expertise in setting standards for consistency by quickly identifying processes that need streamlining as well as inefficiencies that need overhauling. One of her strengths is effectively collaborating with and sparking synergies within various departments including human resources, IT, and marketing. She carries a natural love for business development, media, and marketing.

Noreen earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast media and communication from San Francisco State University.

A little about my personal side

With over 16 years in management and coaching, I’m passionate about connecting people and building relationships. As an artist, I express myself through drumming, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern music, and poetry. I cherish my cultural roots and love cooking Middle Eastern cuisine, though baking isn’t my forte. Bringing laughter through physical comedy is a joy, and entertaining has always been a dream – imagine SNL! My daughter is my daily inspiration, and we learn from each other. I’ve explored the Middle East, Canada, and Mexico, adding rich experiences to my journey. Life is a vibrant canvas, and I embrace every moment with enthusiasm.

Rapid fire questions... Go!

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