Board Self-Assessment Webinar for Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts

We were so grateful to have been invited by the Washington State Hospital Association and Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts to provide an educational webinar on the importance of board self-assessments (BSAs). Oftentimes, BSAs get relegated to a “check the box” activity. This webinar aims to shift the narrative to show the benefits of conducting regular BSAs.

Health care has faced a tremendous number of challenges over the past three years. If you are having concerns about, or are unsure of, your governing board’s current state with such an unpredictable path forward for the industry, take the time to watch Karma Bass, MPH, FACHE, CEO/managing principal, Via Healthcare Consulting, share key information to help prepare your governing board for what your organization may face down the road.

Here are a few of the key themes Karma discusses:

  • Leadership During Challenging Times
  • Board Modes of Operating
  • What Top Performing Boards Ask Themselves
  • Benefits of Conducting Regular Board Self-Assessments
  • Key Elements of an Effective Board Self-Assessment
  • How to Use Your Board Self-Assessment Results
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