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Cultivating Exceptional Healthcare Leaders

Effective organizational transformation relies on purposeful leadership. However, achieving effective leadership does not just happen; it demands thoughtful planning and the development of leaders who can foster relationships and build structures that cultivate high-trust, high-performing teams. These teams must collaborate seamlessly to fulfill the organizational mission and achieve its vision. At ViaHCC, our team of executive coaching experts collaborates with boards, CEOs, and their leadership teams. We identify challenges hindering collaboration and trust so we can help you hone the skills necessary for leaders to steer their organizations toward success.


Strategic CEO Succession Planning for Seamless Transitions

Leadership Development From Front to Back: Ensuring Continuity

At ViaHCC, we know that a gap in effective leadership can have ruinous results for an organization. Delays in finding successors to CEOs can stymie organizational progress and halt the board’s work with leadership. CEO succession planning smooths the process for replacing existing executives and eases the transition as new leaders take up the organizational mission. Don’t let your organization be caught off guard by an executive exit. A CEO succession plan will help to ensure that your good work is carried on and progress will continue.

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Executive Coaching for Optimal Leadership

Leadership Development for CEOs and Board Leaders: Nurturing Vision + Strategy

Now more than ever, high-performing organizations demand savvy and decisive leaders who can skillfully lead, collaborate, and innovate. ViaHCC’s executive coaching for CEOs and board leaders guides individuals in developing their abilities to communicate more effectively, establish trust, and more easily overcome challenges. Our coaching experts provide ongoing or as-needed executive coaching. Through a collaborative process that involves observation, empowerment, and engagement, we identify opportunities to enhance leadership skills and strengthen strategic execution.


CEO Assessment Expertise

CEO Evaluation: Comprehensive Assessment Tools

The importance of effective leadership is self evident, but assessing and providing feedback to improve a CEO’s performance is daunting for most boards. Formally evaluating the CEO’s performance annually is a cornerstone of effective governance. A comprehensive CEO evaluation will spell out the board’s expectations, strengthen the relationship between the board and CEO, and foster professional growth and development of the person who serves in this critical role. Yet, most boards follow a process that has not been well thought out to deliver on the goals. Furthermore, many use evaluation tools that are overly cumbersome and are not focused on the results the CEO needs to deliver. ViaHCC works with boards and CEOs to create an annual CEO evaluation process that is simple enough to easily carry out, while still delivering relevant, constructive, and actionable feedback.


The end result: A performance evaluation that identifies appropriate, realistic, and measurable CEO performance goals. ViaHCC’s assessment process establishes the foundation for successful CEO-board interactions and clarifies expectations of what constitutes excellence in performance. 

Why Choose Via Healthcare Consulting?

Our Unique Approach to Leadership Development and Team Building

At Via Healthcare Consulting, we’ve tossed out all the cookie cutters. Our approach to leadership development and team building is highly customized, based on your needs, the needs of your organization, and the individuals who comprise your team. What makes this work so interesting is that your executive leaders bring their unique backgrounds and perspectives to their roles so that while we might follow consistent, well-established approaches for leadership and team development, the look, feel, and outcome are always going to be uniquely yours.  


We work collaboratively with you and your leaders to collectively identify and power higher performance. Our coaching and leadership development services can include regular one-on-one sessions with executives and leaders as well as senior leadership retreats, ongoing leadership development projects, Meyers-Briggs assessments, DiSC assessments, and other professional personality inventory assessments. When you choose to work with ViaHCC, you benefit from meticulously designed approaches that draw on our decades of experience and deep expertise to ensure that every leadership development engagement results in positive change and is a worthwhile investment of your time and organizational resources.

"The team at ViaHCC is our trusted partner for leadership development and governance enhancement. They have earned our trust over the years of working with them and we've seen real tangible results in the caliber of relationships and leadership effectiveness at the highest level in our organization. ”

Mike Glenn, President + CEO,

Jefferson Healthcare, Port Townsend, Wa.

Get Started on Your Leadership Development Journey

Personalized Consultation for Your Organization

At Via Healthcare Consulting, we understand that every step in a leadership team’s journey is pivotal, shaping not just their careers but the entire healthcare organization. With decades of first-hand experience working with successful CEOs and visionary leaders, we offer more than just consultancy; we offer a transformative partnership. Our personalized approach dives deep into your organization’s unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring that every solution we craft resonates with your distinct identity. It’s not just about leadership, it’s about the people who entrust their lives and livelihood to you. 

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