Keynote Speakers and Webinars

Keynote Sessions that Educate, Inspire, and Transform

Tailored Talks for Industry Impact

Via Healthcare consultants travel across the country multiple times a month as keynote speakers to deliver outstanding and impactful educational presentations on important, timely, and inspiring issues that matter to healthcare leaders and board members. Whether the audience is CEOs, senior executives, board members, physicians, or other healthcare industry leaders, our goal is to share actionable insights and provide the essential tools to enable effective leadership for our nation’s most important healthcare delivery organizations. 

Our dynamic and interactive presentations are customized to each audience and provide attendees with insights gleaned from our real-world, in-the-trenches experiences with clients who are grappling with the same challenges as your audience. From board basics bootcamp for new trustees to the latest strategic planning practices, to emerging trends in fostering greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the board room, our education sessions are always highly rated, leaving audiences inspired and ready to drive impactful transformation in their organizations.


Board Retreats: Guiding Governance Toward Excellence:

Keynote Speakers that Guide Strategic Sessions for Board Success

Ever wonder what an expert keynote speaker could bring to your board retreat? Imagine a space where your board’s dedication to growth meets tailored guidance, transforming routine retreats into extraordinary journeys. At Via Healthcare Consulting, we specialize in elevating these experiences, infusing them with strategic insights, and fostering strong, unified visions. Picture interactive sessions that not only align your strategies but also cultivate exceptional leadership within your board. With us by your side, your retreats become more than just events, they become pivotal moments in your board’s evolution. Explore the transformative potential of having ViaHCC support your next board retreat – where expertise meets aspiration, and ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Webinar Presentations: Virtual Wisdom, Real-World Impact

Interactive Virtual Experiences

At ViaHCC, our interactive webinar presentations aren’t just educational, they’re immersive experiences designed to empower your board, your organization, or your members. In these sessions, we distill complex topics into practical insights, ensuring each individual is not only well-informed but confidently oriented to each role and responsibility. Work with us to create a virtual experience that translates directly into real-world impact.

Immersive Learning:

Delve into cutting-edge healthcare insights through our webinar presentations, connecting professionals across distances.

Q&A Sessions:

Foster engagement with interactive Q&A sessions, allowing participants to directly interact with our expert speakers.

Customized Content:

Tailor webinar topics to your specific needs, ensuring relevant and actionable takeaways for your audience.



Customized Insights with Private Speaking Engagements

Discover Your Direction with ViaHCC Keynote Speakers

Step into a world where personalized talks merge seamlessly with strategic impact. At ViaHCC, we invite you to experience the power of tailored expertise, designed exclusively for you. Our private speaking engagements offer a unique opportunity to explore specialized insights, guiding your organization toward informed decisions and meaningful growth. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together, where our keynote speakers facilitate innovative thought and impact.


Guiding Your Journey to Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of health care, leadership is not merely a role, it’s a transformative journey. At Via Healthcare Consulting, we understand the nuanced challenges and opportunities within the industry, and we’re not just here to guide you, we’re here to empower you. Our keynote speakers are not just conveyors of information, they are architects of inspiration, crafting narratives that resonate with your audience. With each keynote, webinar, and private engagement, we ignite the spark of innovation, fuel the flames of knowledge, and pave the way for transformative change.

As you navigate the complexities of health care, let our seasoned experts be your compass. We don’t just offer speeches, we offer strategic insights, empowering your team to not only adapt but thrive in the face of change. Your success is not just a goal, it’s our mission. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your healthcare narrative.


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