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Strategic Board Management

The Key to Board Effectiveness

At Via Healthcare Consulting, we specialize in transforming governance challenges into strategic opportunities. Our outsourced board management services are meticulously designed to alleviate the burden of managing a board, allowing you to concentrate on achieving your organization’s principal goals.

Unmatched Expertise, Seamless Board Management

At ViaHCC, we bring more than 25 years of governance expertise directly into your boardroom. By outsourcing your board management to us, you can anticipate a significant boost in executive and governance productivity and effectiveness.

What We Offer

Governance Enhancement Consultation

Benefit from tailored consultations with our seasoned consultants that are designed to enhance your governance structure, ensuring compliance and strategic alignment.

Board and Committee Meeting Management

From designing agendas to delivering high-caliber meetings, we manage the intricate details, enabling more productive board and committee discussions.

Committee Development

We help you construct specialized committees, ensuring a focused approach to critical aspects of your organization’s governance.

Board Member Education and Orientation

Our comprehensive onboarding and education programs help to ensure board members are well-informed and engaged.

Board Self-Assessment

ViaHCC develops customized assessments for evaluating board performance, pinpointing strengths and areas for growth.

Leadership and Board Retreats

Engage in one of ViaHCC’s transformative half-day, full-day, and annual board retreats, designed to foster strategic visioning and team cohesion.

Online Board Portal Management

Our service includes seamless updates and maintenance of online board portals, ensuring secure and efficient communication.

Outsourced Board Management

Advantages and Considerations

ViaHCC’s outsourced board management services present a strategic solution for healthcare organizations seeking streamlined, efficient governance processes. Working with ViaHCC offers several advantages. Our extensive board management services free up valuable executive and board time for essential strategic pursuits, and ensure rigorous compliance with ever-evolving healthcare governance standards. However, as with any significant organizational decision, there are important aspects to consider. Strategic alignment with the outsourced partner is vital, ensuring the partner’s approach seamlessly integrates with the organization’s unique vision and mission. Transparent, open communication channels are equally crucial, fostering a collaborative partnership that respects the organization’s culture and values. Balancing these advantages with thoughtful consideration paves the way for a transformative collaboration in board management, providing healthcare organizations with a solid foundation for success. At Via Healthcare Consulting, we work hard to deliver a better future for your healthcare organization. 


  1. Gain Guidance From Seasoned Experts:

    Benefit from ViaHCC’s highly-experienced consultants, ensuring your board adheres to best practices and industry standards.

  2. Get Back Your Time and Energy:

    By working with ViaHCC, you free up valuable executive and board time, enabling focus on strategic priorities and mission-critical initiatives.

  3. Confidently Assure Compliance:

    Our dedicated experts can help you navigate the complex landscape of healthcare governance compliance with confidence.


  1. Strategic Alignment:
    We offer collaborative partnership to ensure our services align seamlessly with your organization’s vision and goals.
  2. Open Communication:
    We provide transparent, regular communication to guarantee our approach resonates with your unique organizational culture.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“For five years, Kara and the ViaHCC team have been valuable advisors to PacMed leadership – the board and management together. ViaHCC brings so much healthcare governance insider-baseball knowledge, advice, and guidance – which really helps to bring up the effectiveness of the board. It helps us lead the organization better. Kara and ViaHCC are also excellent facilitators - of meetings and retreats, of the discussions and direction, of the process and managing change. At PacMed, they helped our board with self-reflection and effectiveness, committee redesign, board culture, leadership transitions, the affiliation. Via’s style is to get the right people in the room, get the right level of conversations and discussions going, challenge the status quo. It’s enabled our board to be more knowledgeable, more engaged, bolder and more strategic.”

Mike Marshall, MD

Chief Executive, Providence Clinical Network, Puget Sound Region

The ViaHCC Advantage: Always Crafted and Tailored to Your Needs

How to Address Core Responsibilities of Board Management

Meeting Frequency
Our expertise will help you identify the optimum frequency for your regular and special board meetings as well as standing and ad-hoc committee meetings.
Meeting Agenda Design
We partner to help you prepare thoughtfully curated agendas, aligning with organizational objectives and key focus areas.
Board Composition
We excel at providing expert guidance on board member identification, recruitment, and selection to ensure a diverse and skilled board membership for effective governance. We specialize in helping boards navigate the sometimes-thorny conversation about the need for greater gender, racial/ethnic, and age diversity at the board table.
Consent Agenda Items
ViaHCC’s board services help you effectively use consent agendas and streamline management of routine matters, preserving more board meeting time for strategic discussions.
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Ready to Transform Your Board Management?

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