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Successfully navigating healthcare board governance is undoubtedly complex, but at Via Healthcare Consulting, we speak this language fluently and have lived in this world for decades. We understand the stakes are high when working for a community non-profit or elected district board. And, we know that legislative, regulatory, and public scrutiny are only increasing. With over 130 years of collective experience working directly with healthcare boards and CEOs, our governance and board services consultants possess a firsthand understanding of the field. We have seen it all and can pinpoint the shortcomings that expose organizations to failure. Our tailored governance solutions can address your board’s specific development, education, or team effectiveness needs. We excel in identifying areas of weakness and defining actionable steps for improvement. From board governance consulting to governance structural redesign to board orientation, self-assessments, and retreats, we go beyond the basics.

A metaphorical image of consultants working together to build a better governance.

Our comprehensive approach ensures your board is well-prepared to overcome challenges, propelling your organization to even higher levels of performance.

How Our Governance and Board Services Help CEOs

Navigating Board Complexity​

ViaHCC understands the intricate challenges CEOs face in board governance. Our tailored approach will help facilitate positive impact by:

If the weight of managing your board has you feeling stuck or overwhelmed, ViaHCC is here to guide you through it. Our expert consultants specialize in untangling the complexities, ensuring your board stays in its lane and serves the organizational mission. Let’s transform the challenges into opportunities for impactful governance. Reach out today, and let’s navigate the governance journey together.

How Our Governance and Board Services Help Board Members

Fostering Governance Excellence

ViaHCC streamlines the journey for board members navigating the intricate landscape of governance. Our focused services will help:

Feeling lost in the complexities of board membership? Via Healthcare Consulting has your back. Our governance and board services enhance communication, foster alignment with the executive team and medical staff, and design impactful retreats to engage and inspire. Elevate your service on the board and contribute meaningfully to your organization’s mission. Let’s unravel the mysteries together— let’s have a clarity call today.

Board Self-Assessment

Enhancing Governance Excellence​

How Does Board Self Evaluation Support Healthy Board Governance?

A governing board oversees its organization’s performance, but who oversees the board’s performance? An annual self-assessment survey and process for the board promotes continuous improvement and development that will build on the strengths and identify areas of opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your board. Once those opportunities have been properly identified from the assessment, Via develops possible solutions, such as committee restructuring, an education plan, or board retreat, to deepen your board’s knowledge and improve governance practices that collectively will result in better governance.

Conduct a Governance Assessment to Diagnose and Address Your Board Challenges

What is our 7-step process to chart a course to improved healthcare governance?

While each project is customized to address your board’s specific governance challenges, in general our projects follow a 7-step process designed to provide us with an in-depth understanding of your board’s current state, identify opportunities for improvement, and produce sustainable solutions.

Who Benefits From ViaHCC’s Board Services?

Governance work is not for the faint of heart. It is time consuming and complex. ViaHCC’s experts bring decades of experience working with boards, which means we know how to carefully navigate this sensitive and important work, streamlining the path to enhanced governance performance.

We serve a national market of nonprofit, governmental, district, tribal, and for-profit organizations including:

How to Build Board Composition that Enables High Performance

A group of board members that showcase diversity, inclusivity, and excellence in governance.

It is a well-known fact that individual board members have no individual authority; it’s only when working collectively that they can act. However, the composition of individuals who serve on a board matters tremendously. Effective governance requires assembling a board membership of people who bring diverse expertise and experience, as well as varied professional and personal backgrounds. A community board should also ensure its membership accurately reflects the diversity of the community it serves. 

ViaHCC’s board services offer expertise in how to identify, recruit, onboard, and retain a diverse, well-qualified board. We can also advise you on how to establish best-practice board membership structures such as terms of service, term limits, and how to effectively include medical staff as board members. What is the role of the CEO on the board, who should be a voting board member, and who should be ex-officio? We have the answers you need to create an optimum governing board membership and composition.


Medical Group Governance: Building Strong Provider Networks

How Do Health Systems Meaningfully Engage Their Physicians in Governance?

More and more health systems are weaving strong, structured medical group governance into the top tier of their system and regional governance models. By building in mechanisms for provider involvement in governance, progressive health systems unify and elevate the voice of practicing physicians and secure clinician input and direction on major initiatives. Setting up or redesigning governance structures for your health system’s employed medical groups is not an insignificant undertaking. 

ViaHCC board service experts have done this work with health systems and medical groups around the country so we understand the processes, practices, and people skills necessary to build an effective medical group governance structure composed of executives, medical leadership, and practicing clinicians. You have the opportunity to achieve a better understanding of what is important to your physicians, and physicians have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your business and market complexities. Overall, effective medical group governance structures can be a “secret sauce” for greater physician alignment, clinician buy-in, provider retention, and better strategic decision-making. 

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Ready to Elevate Your Board's Effectiveness?

Discover Tailored Solutions With Via Healthcare Consulting

At Via Healthcare Consulting, our experts delve deep into your organization’s governance needs to establish strategies that provide customized solutions to transform your healthcare governance performance. Wondering what more we can do for you? Submit a discovery call form today to discuss your specific circumstances and identify solutions to enhance every facet of your board’s performance.

Unleash the full potential of your board’s leadership with real-world guidance and personalized coaching sessions.

Ensure that your board’s committee structure is up-to-date and right-sized to accomplish the work of your board. We also advise on how to optimize your committee-board dynamics for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

 The proper care and feeding of any board requires continuous and never-ending education. Foster the development of a learning culture and growth mindset within your board through our meticulously crafted education plans.

Seamlessly integrate new members into your board with our comprehensive and customized orientation programs.

Well-managed board self-assessment can result in a self-aware board willing to transform for the better. Evaluate your board’s strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring self-reflection and positive change. Discover our process.

We specialize in working with elected, public district hospital boards. Our deep experience and proven success with these unique boards will enable you to navigate the complexities of district and public hospital governance with confidence and expertise.

Our experts bring a collective 130 years of experience in working with boards so there’s little we haven’t seen. If your board is struggling, we can help. Talk to us today so we can design a solution that really works.

Health systems across the country find their leadership effectiveness hindered by too many layers of boards, asymmetrical governance and board authority, and outdated board and committee practices. Our experts have been leading governance redesign projects for over 20 years and we specialize in utilizing a nimble, change-oriented approach that delivers results. 

Our board governance review and assessment approach is fact-based and expert-led. Get a detailed analysis and diagnosis of your board’s governance effectiveness, pinpointing opportunities for enhancement. See our 7-step process.

Foster strong partnerships between the hospital and its physicians, ensuring strategic and effective collaboration.

Because a board’s authority can only be deployed when it is meeting, meetings are a board’s primary currency. Harness the power of our proven techniques for engaging and productive meetings.

We build best-in-class board retreats that transform leadership groups and governance effectiveness. Elevate your board gatherings and strategy retreats with our expert speaking and facilitation, guiding your leadership team toward innovative solutions. Let’s have a discussion about your retreat opportunity.

Streamline your board operations and focus on what matters while we handle your board management needs. Learn more about our process.

Ready to revolutionize your healthcare leadership journey? Take the first step towards transformative governance. Contact Via Healthcare Consulting now!

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