State Hospital Associations

Empowering State Hospital Associations to Deliver Transformation and Effective Advocacy to Your Members

Conference Presentations and Educational Sessions: Inspiring Industry Insight

If you are a state hospital association looking for real-world knowledge and expertise delivered through an engaging, energetic speaker, Via Healthcare Consulting has you covered. Our principals and consultants deliver thought-provoking webinars and workshops, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing among conference attendees. Our dynamic conference presentations and educational sessions are crafted to inspire and educate your members. Call us today and discover the wealth of knowledge we bring to these sessions, always ensuring attendees gain valuable insights and perspectives. Here are a few of the ways we can work with you:

Customized Workshops

Tailored workshops for members of your state or regional hospital associations, providing actionable strategies for improvement.


Case Study Discussions

Presentations of real-world case studies illustrating successful initiatives implemented by other hospital associations, offering practical takeaways for your members.

Keynote Presentations

Expert speakers delivering  high-value presentations for boards and executive leadership, offering industry guidance and deep insights into the latest healthcare trends.

Highly Interactive Sessions

Facilitated, interactive discussions, panel sessions, and Q&A sessions, encouraging active participation and knowledge exchange among attendees.

Strategic Planning: Shaping Future Healthcare Landscapes


State hospital associations hold a unique and critical role in bringing together their hospital and health system members to advance their collective missions. ViaHCC helps association clients to craft their own strategic directions through impactful strategic plans.  Our strategic planning solutions are designed to navigate the complex healthcare environment.

We assist state and regional hospital and healthcare associations in developing robust strategies for sustainable growth and impactful member services. We know that the volatile healthcare environment can be challenging for your members to navigate independently, especially with constrained resources. Through more defined and refined strategic planning, you can be more effective at providing invaluable advocacy, education, and other services to your members.

Our expert consultants collaborate closely with your team to develop comprehensive strategic plans that align with your organization’s mission and vision to better serve hospitals and health systems.

State Hospital Association Board Retreats

Fostering Collaborative Leadership

Participate in transformative board retreats that enhance leadership cohesion and decision-making. Our retreats are meticulously designed for your board and executive leadership to strengthen collaboration and drive your state hospital association’s mission forward. We know that healthcare executives often need help fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and aligning leadership teams toward common goals. Via Healthcare Consulting’s retreats provide a conducive environment for strategic discussions and decision-making. Here’s what you can expect:


Facilitated Discussions

Take part in guided discussions by experienced facilitators on strategic priorities, governance challenges, and collaborative opportunities, ensuring all voices are heard.

Team-building Activities

Engage in team-building exercises and activities that strengthen relationships among board members, promoting trust and cooperation.

Strategic Visioning

Collaboratively envision the future of the hospital association, identifying key focus areas and initiatives for the upcoming years.

Conflict Resolution

Address potential conflicts and challenges within the board, fostering a harmonious working environment conducive to effective decision-making.

Action Planning

Develop actionable plans and initiatives stemming from the retreat discussions, ensuring that the retreat’s takeaways translate into tangible results.

Educational Webinars Designed for State Hospital Associations

Accessible Learning for Excellence in Healthcare Governance

Our informative webinars for board and executive leadership audiences are tailored in collaboration with your state and regional hospital association teams. We’ll work with you to help you share the latest industry trends and issues, best practices, and just-in-time education, empowering your members with valuable knowledge. Work with Via Healthcare Consulting today and gain insightful and engaging webinars custom-designed to the specific needs and interests of your members. Here’s what we offer:


Expert Presenters

Benefit from ViaHCC’s subject-matter experts who ensure high-quality content and expertise-driven discussions.

Timely Topics

Cover a wide range of timely and relevant topics, including governance fundamentals, industry best practices, leadership development strategies, and healthcare policy updates.

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitate knowledge sharing among attendees, encouraging networking and collaboration through virtual breakout sessions and discussion forums.

Member Surveys: Insightful Data for Informed Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights by taking the pulse of what your members are thinking through enlightening surveys. We conduct comprehensive surveys to understand member needs for advocacy and educational services for the coming year, ensuring that your state hospital association’s initiatives align with member expectations and deliver complete member satisfaction.

Governance Effectiveness: Strengthening Organizational Oversight

Explore our governance effectiveness training, designed to guide your boards and your members’ boards in how to improve their performance. We provide expert guidance to enhance decision-making processes and board efficiency.

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