Tribal Health Organizations

Empowering Tribal Health Organizations

Via Healthcare Consulting welcomes tribal health organizations to explore our meticulously tailored consulting services. Tooled with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within tribal health settings, our expert consultants have extensive experience with 638 compacted tribes and contracted tribes and stand ready to elevate your organization to greater heights of excellence.

At Via Healthcare Consulting, we recognize the vital role that tribal health organizations play in fostering community well-being. With this understanding at the core of our approach, we offer a range of priority services, each designed with precision to enhance governance, leadership, and overall effectiveness. Our commitment is not merely to provide solutions but to co-create a future where your organization thrives.

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Growth


Tailored Strategic Roadmaps for Tribal Health Organizations

Our strategic planning services are not one-size-fits-all; instead, we dive deep into the specific intricacies of your tribal health organization. Through collaborative sessions and data-driven analysis, we craft strategic roadmaps that align seamlessly with your objectives and aspirations to arrive at actionable plans for long-term success. Explore our customized strategic planning solutions that pave the way for sustainable growth.

Governance Effectiveness for Efficient Board Operations

Streamlined Governance Processes

Effective governance is the bedrock of a successful organization. We work closely with your leadership to optimize decision-making processes, enhance transparency, and foster better collaboration. Our goal is to empower your organization with governance structures and processes that foster efficiency and trust. Discover our expertise in implementing streamlined governance processes, ensuring efficient board operations, transparent decision-making, and improved performance within your tribal health organizations.

Board Education and Empowerment

Informative Training Sessions

Education is the golden key that unlocks the transformative power of good governance. ViaHCC offers educational sessions on governance fundamentals, best practices, industry trends, and so much more, to engage and educate your tribal health organization. An educated board is empowered to be more productive and higher performing.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Insightful Employee Feedback

What is one of the best ways to identify your tribal organization’s strengths and weaknesses? Ask your employees. Via HCC designs comprehensive surveys that root out employee perspectives and opinions on everything from quality of care and facilities, services offered, and organizational financial strength to staff development, compensation, and career opportunities. Better understand how to transform your organization by tapping into your employees’ perspectives.

Outsourced Board Management

Streamlined Board Operations

A board can only be as productive as its operations are efficient. Effective board management takes time, experience, and a thorough understanding of governance structures and effective meeting processes. Fortunately, ViaHCC offers all three. Our unmatched know-how of board operations management will help to make your governance team more efficient and effective and leave you more time to focus on strategic priorities for better organizational outcomes.

Board Retreats for Collective Vision

Inspiring Retreat Experiences

Our transformative board retreats are more than meetings, they are experiences designed to inspire collective vision. Through interactive workshops and engaging discussions, we facilitate unity among board members and other stakeholders.

Together, we create an environment where innovative ideas flourish, fostering unity and strategic alignment.

“Via Healthcare Consulting worked with our executive team and board to craft a strategic plan that set our organization on the right track. We had great success in implementing the strategic plan that Via helped us develop and are now working with them on a third cycle. Their approach has been what was needed to move us forward. Via has been a terrific strategic planning partner for us.”
Charles Clement | President/CEO
SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

Additional Consulting Services for Tribal Health Organizations

Executive Development

Empower CEOs and Board Members to Become Visionary Leaders ​

Keynote Speakers

Tailored Talks That Educate, Inspire, and Transform

Board Self Assessment

Leverage a Powerful Tool That Gauges the Effectiveness of Your Board.

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