Who We Are

Enabling Outstanding Care​

Empowering Hospital and Health System Leaders to Deliver on Their Organizations Promises

Via Healthcare Consulting is your reliable governance and strategy partner, empowering hospital and health system executives and board members with confidence, trust, energy, and tangible results. Our commitment is rooted in fostering stronger leadership to create resilient, successful organizations and healthier communities.

Our Mission

At Via Healthcare Consulting, our mission is dedicated to empowering hospital and health system leaders, enabling them to transform their organizations, enhance community well-being, and foster effective leadership by providing expert guidance and counsel.

Our Vision

We aim to be a trusted ally for leaders in U.S. hospitals and health systems, offering guidance toward effective governance and clear strategic direction. We dream of a world where our expertise in governance and strategic insights paves the way for value-based leadership and enables organizational transformation.


About Us

Via Healthcare Consulting stands as a nationally-recognized, woman-owned consulting firm, celebrated for its warm, engaging culture and transformative impact. Specializing in guiding boards and executives, we excel in reshaping governance and co-creating strategies that better align organizational activities with the mission, vision, market opportunities, and community need. We approach our work with unwavering dedication, ensuring a deep commitment to our clients’ success. Each project is meticulously customized, reflecting our accountability and responsiveness to the unique needs of every client.

Karma H. Bass, MPH, FACHE

CEO/Managing Principal

Introducing Our Leader

Meet Karma H. Bass, MPH, FACHE, the CEO/Managing Principal of Via Healthcare Consulting. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Karma is recognized as a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and consultant, specializing in governance, strategic planning, philanthropy, healthcare policy, and board effectiveness. Her extensive experience uniquely qualifies her as a consultant to modern hospital and health system boards.

Before co-founding Via Healthcare Consulting, Karma served as the vice president for ACCORD Limited, a Chicago-based consulting firm. Prior to that and during her tenure as the president and CEO of Alliance Healthcare Foundation in San Diego, she reported to an independent 11-person not-for-profit board. Notably, Karma spent a decade at The Governance Institute, holding various key roles, including vice president of membership services and director of research and publications. Under her guidance, the institute conducted the prestigious biennial hospital governance practices survey, tracking trends across nearly 5,000 U.S. hospitals and health systems.

Karma is not only board-certified in healthcare management but also holds a master’s degree in public health, specializing in health services administration, from San Diego State University.

Our Team of Professionals

Architects of Transformative Healthcare Governance and Impactful Strategic Plans

Meet the team, where we’re not just consultants, we’re your partners in strategic plan and transformative healthcare governance. We’re not here to simply advise, we’re here to reshape how hospitals and systems approach governance and strategy. With genuine care, deep experience, and a sincere passion, we’ll roll up our sleeves to tackle complex problems head-on, striving for stronger leadership and resilient organizations.

Within our team, you’ll find a group of dedicated experts all committed to this transformative mission. Our principals provide visionary leadership, guiding our teams, which includes consultants, project managers, and a small but mighty executive office team. Each member embodies our core values of authenticity, care, professionalism, curiosity, and intellectual honesty.

Together, we are a united front, working to enrich healthcare governance and strategy. Fueled by passion, unwavering dedication, and decades of experience, we are the driving force behind enhanced leadership and high-performing teams, aiming to inspire a healthcare delivery ecosystem that is not just more efficient but also more connected and compassionate.


Drivers of Transformation

Our principals are the trailblazers, leading our initiatives with a wealth of experience and a strategic vision. With a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, they craft innovative solutions, setting the course for success. Their leadership ensures that every project is driven by excellence, creating a meaningful impact on healthcare organizations and communities. 


Linda Summers, MBA, FACHE

Senior Principal

Linda has 35+ years of operational experience in hospitals and healthcare organizations. Her expertise includes strategic planning and implementation, operational transformation, business development, mentoring, and leadership. Linda is a very visible, values-based executive who leads by example.

Meet Linda

Erica M. Osborne, MPH


Erica has 20 years of experience working with healthcare organizations. Her work focuses on the unique and important role of governance; critical issues facing healthcare organizations today; and empowering boards to make the important policy decisions necessary for organizational success.

Meet Erica

Kara L. Witalis, MHA


Kara has 20  years of experience in hospital/health system strategic planning, change management facilitation, and clinical product-line planning and implementation. She has had positive impact on academic medical centers, community-based health systems, & large-scale medical groups.

Meet Kara


Seasoned Experts in Action

Our consultants are the heart of our problem-solving engine. They combine our expertise with a dedication to understanding the unique needs of our clients. Through collaborative efforts, careful listening, and innovative thinking, they craft solutions that drive positive change. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service, making a tangible difference in the healthcare landscape.


Brad Clarke, MPH

Senior Consultant

Brad Clarke has nearly 20 years of experience working with hospital, community health center, managed care, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and N.Z. Brad works with trustees and hospital administrators to identify best practice and gaps, drawing on his governance and education experience.

Meet Brad

Marianne Vicencio, CPHQ


Marianne Vicencio has over 20 years of experience working in acute care settings and healthcare consulting. Marianne’s areas of expertise include healthcare quality, performance improvement, and clinical analytics. Her particular passion is improving patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Meet Marianne

Project Managers

Our Secret Weapon

Our entire organization centers on being process oriented to ensure we deliver consistent, verifiable results. Our project managers are our process warriors. With meticulous planning and organization, they ensure every detail aligns seamlessly. They are the backbone of the operation, running our projects with precision and efficiency. Their expertise lies in creatively applying solid processes to complex situations and maintaining effective feedback loops to ensure we’re staying on track. With savvy and determination, they ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of results that routinely exceed expectations.

Ryan Olenski

Project Manager

Ryan has nearly 10 years of consulting and analytics experience in the healthcare industry. He skillfully assists provider organizations in developing and analyzing the impact of value-based care models within their acute care organizations.

Meet Ryan

Christine Fregerio

Project Manager

Christine has nearly 15 years of experience as a program and project manager in the healthcare industry. Her expertise lies in clinical quality, having worked on numerous strategic, quality improvement, and operational initiatives.

Meet Christine

Noreen Cervantes

Associate Project Manager

Noreen Cervantes has over 16 years of experience in management and leadership with expertise in scheduling and correspondence, event planning, training, and coaching. She specializes in effective communication, planning, and execution.

Meet Noreen

Executive Office Team

Champions of Quality Assurance and Client and Team Support

Our executive office team is the driving force behind our small but mighty operations. Their specialized acumen allows us to navigate the complex business landscape with confidence and agility. Their dedication to staying ahead of the curve and our proactive approach to problem-solving make us invaluable contributors to the organization’s success. This team works diligently behind the scenes, supporting the heart of our business, and ensuring that every aspect of our operations aligns harmoniously to achieve the goals.

Karen Wagner

Managing Editor

Karen Wagner has more than 20 years of experience as a writer and editor and has focused for the past 12 years on the healthcare industry. Her work has appeared in a number of highly-respected print and online publications including www.aha.org.

Meet Karen

Jennifer Sutton

Director of Finance and Operations

Jennifer Sutton has 20+ years of accounting experience in several industries. She currently oversees Via’s financial, human resources, IT, and marketing operations. Ms. Sutton also identifies philanthropic opportunities in San Diego for our team.

Meet Jennifer

Why Choose Us:

1. We Are Trusted Guides in the Industry​​

We navigate the complexities of the boardroom with savvy sensitivity and decades of experience, cutting through politics and noise to discover practical solutions. Our approach involves deep listening, understanding your unique challenges, and adapting our proven methods to ensure we deliver your desired outcomes.

See Governance Consulting Solutions

2. We Bring a Personal Passion

Our team deeply cares about the board members and executives we work with. We view our work as personal, mirroring the passion of our clients to lead and provide exceptional health care in their communities.

See Leadership Development Opportunities

3. We Are Executive Leadership Experts

Via Healthcare Consulting stands as the leading source of expertise in hospital and health system governance and strategy. Recognized industry-wide, we are frequently invited to speak at prestigious events, showcasing our extensive knowledge and experience.

See Speaker and Presentation Services

4. We Specialize in Flexible Problem Solving

We have myriad solutions in our toolkit that we know work. We approach problems with flexibility and open-mindedness, always willing to learn, listen, and adjust our course to find the best solution. Our commitment lies in exploring different paths to uncover the most effective route to a solution for your organization and situation.

See Strategy Planning Offerings

5. We Deliver Impactful Change

Nearly every project includes a strong underpinning of effective change management. From the start of the project we believe in partnering with the individuals and teams who will be responsible for delivering the desired results to engender a sense of ownership. Our commitment is to deliver lasting results and leave behind stronger teams who function better following our work with them.

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